Joint Poppers… Democrat or Republican?

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    It's probably not appropriate to ask this, but everyone I know who compulsively pops/cracks is a democrat or leans left. Let's see if it's true…

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    Interesting theory. I'm sorry to be the first reply to also invalidate it.

  • Well, I couldn't vote (poll was closed) but I lean right too. 😛

  • Interesting. I'm neither, I voted Peroutka :lol: I lean right on moral issues, left on economic. I couldn't vote for Kerry because of abortion, couldn't vote for Bush because of the Iraq war and his economic big-business supporting policies. I wish Republicans could manage the "moral" aspect of government as far as abortion/stem cell etc. stuff and Democrats could manage the economic aspect with wars and business. :lol:

  • Well, I couldn't vote either because the pol was closed, but I thought that I'd offer my insight. I am a huge cracker. Crack just about everything, although I can't manage those pesky hips. Anyway, I am also the biggest Republican that you could know - have spent my entire career employed by the Party. Just thought I'd add.

  • Well, I 'm a democrat (not extremely liberal though), no doubt about it, and I'm a dedicated cracker.

    It looks like cracking may be a bipartisan activity!

  • @poppoppop:

    Well, I couldn't vote (poll was closed) but I lean right too. 😛

    😄 I'm with the right too

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