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Jointcrackers is a platform to learn everything there is to know about cracking / clicking / popping joints.

Do you regularly feel pressure rising in your knuckles, toes, ankles, spine, neck or other joints and just have to release it by making the joint crack / click / pop / snap like an addiction?

How do I click a joint? Why do I feel that urge? Should / can I stop? Why are popping joints so little understood in the medical world? Is there any treatment?

If you can relate to or even answer any of the above questions, you have come to the right place! Join our community today!

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  • @rice-milk I can crack both of my palms for some reason all I do is move my hand a certain way as if I were to be cracking my wrist, kinda like I’m squeezing something in my hand I don’t know how or why but? It works for me if I were to put my finger on the palm of my other hand I can actually feel the bones/joints move .

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  • C

    Hi Camille,

    I have do similar work and have been doing for over 20 years. I have found that adding some weight training has helped a lot with any back pain or soreness. Along with exercising other parts of my body, I do these to strengthen my back:

    https://exrx.net/WeightExercises/GluteusMaximus/BBDeadlift (Don't go heavy at first)

    and some abominal work like crunches.

    I have found that as my body strengthened, my posture and pain and soreness improved.

    Along with this some active exercising like walking, jogging or biking also helps.

    Some stretches that may help:


    Some supplements that may help are Taurine, Vitamin C, Vitamn D3 and Glucosamine W/Tumeric.

    Hopefully, this helps give you some ideas. I'm sure there are others on here that have good ideas also.

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  • @ankle-addict can a chiro help?

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  • @Amber I have the same issue

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  • I have the same ankle cracking/snapping addiction

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  • @mramell

    The active alkaloids inside play an active role in treating various conditions .. not just pain. Many claim that worsen the addiction recovery process but in reality, those people are not taking it with responsibility. Accurate dosage and mixing it with potentiators + rotating with various strains help you to get rid of serious ailments. https://www.guidancepa.com/best-kratom-strains-for-pain/

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  • I frequently have back-pain due to long hours working on system and writing content for various companies. I like to overcome with best-recommended supplements or smart exercises discussed here.

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  • I can crack my elbows, at least I think its my elbows. Its around the area. The way I do it is similar, but not exactly the same. When I push on my palm with one hand, I just bend my arm from the elbow joint. Another way I can crack my elbow is just simply putting in some strength to push my arm forward and twisting my arm. When I do it, it gives me a feeling of relief and it doesnt hurt at all. And I can do it just about anytime I want and any amount of times I want. And I usually only do this when my elbow feels stiff. I can only do this with my left arm tho. The pop sound is loud.

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  • S

    Share your weird and special cracks that you have learned by practice, experience or accidentally.

    Some i like are:

    The big deep crack behind the thumb, not a thumb joint but where it connects to the wrist. Deep and loud and incredibly satisfying, required a lot of technique but is guaranteed to crack every couple hours for a veteran cracker.

    HAIR! An ancient Chinese technique i learned from my father. Insane and orgasmic. You gather say roughly 40 strands of hair in a small square shape, enough hair not to break when you pull it. It helps massaging your scalp for a bit first to loosen it up. Pull the hair hard, beyond the point where it hurts and it pops the scalp and feels incredible. All the blood comes rushing into the area and its super relaxing. I can do it to myself, probably 10 seperate sections will crack. Nobody believes me when i tell them until i prove it.

    Finger tips. Not the standard boring crack but when you rattle them side to side many times they will eventually start giving out tiny cracks, probably 4 or so per tip. Takes a bit of practice but i have taught a few friends. You will feel the joint rubbing or grinding but just ignore it, the cracks will soon follow.

    Knees. Only works in the morning. Stand with your legs apart and lean it on one side jamming the force against your knee and it gives off a beastly old loud crack.

    Please share your rare cracks! Need to learn something new 🙂

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