AMazing Neck Crack

  • This morning i was at work and suddenly turned my neck to crack it(without use of hands, etc) and it was an INTENSE FIRECRAKER of POPS that was EXHILARATING!!! Usually nothing happens or i get faint pops…..but today for some reason it was like the dam breaking.....I will remember this one for a long time!


    That sounds awesome! The other day I had a pretty similar experience. I woke up, and immediately my neck felt stiff and sore, and I couldn't really move it towards my left hand side.

    I tried heat, ice, massage: nothing worked, and it was really getting me down. I then, at the end of my tether, decided to crack it.

    I cupped my chin with my left hand and grabbed the hair on the back of my head with my right.

    I pulled it, much harder than I usually do, and got 7 really deep cracks, all the way from the base of my neck to the tip. They started off as big clunks, and progressed to smaller and smaller high pitched pops up the neck. It felt incredible! My neck was then fine for the rest of the day 🙂

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