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    Sorry for the expired SSL certification warnings, fixed now.

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  • RE: What supplements can you take to restore the synovial fluid?

    I promised to update this thread when I have done more experimenting with supplements. Better late than never. :smile:

    For now almost 3 years, I have daily taken 2 x 1000mg pure MSM and 3 x 500mg green-lipped mussel capsules. I took care to choose a brand on the green-lipped capsules which has very little iodine so the regular iodine intake would be irrelevant.

    Well, what can I say. MSM clearly had a positive effect on my skin, so I kept taking MSM. I believe the green-lipped mussels do help my joints in a way that I can quicker recoup from a bad joint cracking day.

    Both supplements are very affordable and do more good than harm so I kept taking them till this day.

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  • RE: Why would a Joint Stop Cracking

    @MasterCracker said:

    Rebuild the joints ligaments? Unnatural Hypermobility?
    Your saying: be less mobile w the joint so the ligament becomes LESS flexible and more stiff.
    That would seem counter productive and a recipe for injury:

    when a stiff or tight ligament is pushed past its normal ROM it will sprain and inflame and Hurt.

    Increased ROM/mobility is a good thing.

    Hyperflexability is a good thing
    Joints can be hyperflexible and strong
    STRONGER even
    Not mobilizing joints will make them weak and tight and injury prone.

    The video is indeed interesting. However, I do not agree this level of hypermobility is healthy.

    I did not mean that you should aim for stiff joints, which is clearly unhealthy, too. "Hypermobility" by its very name implies the mobility is "above" normal. I would thus personally aim for "normal" mobility.
    Last time I checked hypermobile joints are not healthy, also see What Are Hypermobile Joints?

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  • RE: Unable to crack

    @Locker165 said:

    I'm the same. I can barely get my knuckles to crack nowadays. Shame.

    Interesting, I wonder how this can be explained. Does the desire to crack the joint also pa* s with the ability to crack it? Or do you still feel the discomfort and are now unable to release it? I assume the ability to crack your knuckles has decreased slowly over time because you also reduced the amount of cracking you did? I can't imagine losing the ability to click a joint as long as you keep up doing it? :confused:
    This comes back down to question, can you unlearn cracking a joint or learn a new joint to crack? Or are you either a joint popper or you are not due to genetical dispostion / hypermobility in your joints?

    So either congratulations on successful unlearning are on order, or if you really want to crack your knuckles again, you should be able to relearn it. :smile:

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  • RE: Relaunch celebrating our 10th anniversary

    Finally, the relaunch is here! :smile:

    Here is what you need to know as a returning fellow joint cracker:

    • Please do request a new password by entering your email in Forgot Password?
    • All accounts with zero posts have been dropped. If you have been dropped, please register again!
    • We are finally mobile friendly
    • All topics, posts and signatures are migrated
    • All private messages are migrated into the chat system
    • All old polls are turned into images, new polls do not work just yet
    • Posts are now written in Markdown syntax instead of BBCode
    • Avatars were not migrated. If you like, please do upload a new 128x128 profile image in your profile settings
    • SPAM protection is much more modern
    • We are now using SSL encryption for better privacy and security
    • Much better SEO properties. The old phpbb software created tons of duplicate links which will take a while for the search engine crawlers to unlearn
    • In any case let me know what you think! What is great, what is bad, what do you miss?
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  • Legacy poll results

    On our old site we had a number of polls, here are all the results, newest first. Poll could not be migrated so the old polls are now screenshots:

    Legacy poll results

    Legacy poll results

    Legacy poll results

    Legacy poll results!

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  • RE: Relaunch celebrating our 10th anniversary

    Quick update:
    Data migration was finally successful today. I now "only" need to configure the new software and install it on our new host.
    If all goes really well, the relaunch might happen as early as this weekend.

    Please refrain from posting until we have relaunched, or your post will likely be lost.

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  • Relaunch celebrating our 10th anniversary

    Hard to believe, this January we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! :D

    Over the holiday season, I have investigated our upgrade options to move forward. I have finally settled on a very new and exciting platform!

    Thank you for participating in the polls. I heard you!

    I have shuffled a few things around to ease migration to this upcoming, much more modern bulletin board system.

    The critical migration blockers are already out of the way. There are of course still a number of todos, which will probably take a few weeks. I will work on this as time permits.

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  • Moved host again, relaunch planned

    Due to tragic circumstances our old hoster was closing shop. RIP Gurpreet Virdi!
    We are now running on our new host, which has better production PHP settings, so our legacy site can again run smoothly for a while longer. I am now finally starting work on a relaunch on a modern CMS platform.

    Stay tuned!

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  • RE: Say hi!

    Hey dude, welcome to the site! Sorry for the inactivity, that's something we hope to work on :)

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