Finally, the relaunch is here! Here is what you need to know as a returning fellow joint cracker: Please do request a new password by entering your email in Forgot Password? All accounts with zero posts have been dropped. If you have been dropped, please register again! We are finally mobile friendly All topics, posts and signatures are migrated All private messages are migrated into the chat system All old polls are turned into images, new polls do not work just yet Posts are now written in Markdown syntax instead of BBCode Avatars were not migrated. If you like, please do upload a new 128x128 profile image in your profile settings SPAM protection is much more modern We are now using SSL encryption for better privacy and security Much better SEO properties. The old phpbb software created tons of duplicate links which will take a while for the search engine crawlers to unlearn In any case let me know what you think! What is great, what is bad, what do you miss?