Google Ads now active

  • Community Lead

    Important: If you notice loading issues or the site appears broken, please disable adblockers which I have noticed can cause issues with the new code. Also please do support this site by not running such services.

    Over the last 15 years since launching this community, I have spend many thousands of dollars in resources to keep us up to date and online.

    As announced in September 2019, now is the time to try to recoup at least fixed cost of running this site.

    After a lot of preparation, we have finally been approved for Google AdSense, thank you Google!

    Instead of manually placing ad spots myself, I have decided to let Google do the optimizations and placement automatically, which I find to be much less obtrusive than if done manually and fixed.

    If you are a fellow joint cracker, I hope you do find this new sustainable setup agreeable moving forward. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you are a medical professional and do have a product you would like to advertise at this site, now you have a proper channel to do so.

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