Registration bots locked out

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    In the last couple of weeks a fair number of bots registered at this site with the sole purpose of increasing the page rank of an usually pornographic website. Never mind the futility of this attempt regarding that the memberlist isn't even visible to neither the public nor to spider bots due to privacy reasons.

    The easy-access registration loophole has meanwhile been filled and verified. It will take a while until these bots have grown smart enough to bypass the now inevitable counter measures at the
    regular registration form. Don't worry, only bots will despair here, human users won't even notice any change. 🙂

    As an added positive side effect the "User Info" box is now displaying much more realistic numbers.

    There are two pretty reliable indicators for bot users:

    • no posts
    • website specified

    Currently, 76 out of 190 users match this profile. It's in the best interest of this community to purge these very likely bot users from the database before they decide to actually start spamming in the forums.
    Of course I might still be in error in a few rare cases. Maybe some fellow jointpopper is just too shy to write anything?

    This is why I won't clean up until the 30th of September 2006. Of course any user registering after the 14th September won't have to worry in any case.
    If you find yourself in the following list, please send me a private message, post a quick hello or anything. Thanks and sorry for this mess.

    "Ken Makenson"
    "Poll Pitt"

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