I found a new way to crack my back.

  • It started with a simple stretch. From a standing position, I bent forward and put my hands on the floor. After at least a full minute I felt my hamstrings and back relaxing and loosening, so I took my hands off the floor and held my opposite elbows with my hands, hanging over my head, toward the floor. I let my head get really heavy, pulling hard on my spine. There was no muscle involvement though. I basically let everything from the waist up go totally limp. Then I felt my spine gently separating and cracking, like it was getting longer. I felt like there might be a big crack in there, so I convinced my husband to push my back deeper into the stretch. I must have got about 15 small cracks like this. My husband said he could feel my spine separating, and it grossed him out, but it felt SO good. Next I talked him into doing it with one hand on my back, and the other on the back of my neck pushing firmly, but not too hard on the base of my head. I got the loudest booming crack ever right in the middle of my spine and I swear I stood up and I felt like was an inch taller than I had been.

    It was the best feeling ever! Most of my knuckles need to be frequently recracked, but this one can go for a couple days before I feel like it needs it again.


    I play rugby, and before we play matches we stretch out muscles and joints, including our backs. One particular stretch involves two people, back to back. They both link elbows, and one bends forward whilst the other relaxes, pulling the other person up so they are, in effect, lying on their partner's spine. When I do this I relax my whole spine and the fulcrum of the other's back and the gravity crack it all the way along, which feels incredible.

  • Sounds nice! Do you do it when you're on top or bottom?


    Top. We also do another stretch where one lies on their back and brings the left knee to their chest, keeping the right leg straight. Another person holds the left thigh and pulls it across the body, to the ground on the right side. The person on the floor keeps their back on the floor, and as the leg is lowered you get a drumroll of cracks throughout the back. Then repeat for the other side.

  • I would give anything to be able to crack my back and neck. No matter what technique I use it doesn't work. 😢

  • Hm. me and my best friend tried this method the other night, and didnt seem to get our backs to crack.. :?:

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