Elbow Cracking


    I have recently developed the ability to crack both elbows. They feel incredible, as well as being ridiculously loud. They are now my 3rd favourite crack, after back and neck. Can anyone else do this, or am I the only one?

  • It happens to me sometimes when I do pressups, but I can't do it voluntarily.

  • I've done it a couple times by bending them the opposite way and it feels hurts soooo good. I wish i could all the time.

  • I can crack both of my elbows volintarily and in 3 different ways. If you get good like me you will find out each elbow has two cracks in it. I think thats because you have two different bones in your forarm but I'm not sure. the first crack I push on the ball of my wrist and my bigger bone in my forarm moves and there is a really loud crack. The second crack I can get out of each elbow is just by extending my arm as far as I can and it cracks, kind of like a hyper extension. You can also crack that by throwing your arm out but I wouldn't because I have got hurt doing that and it swelled up. Good luck!

  • yes! probably the loudest thud type crack i can do

    i just stretch my arm out and it cracks and seems to bend back slightly more

    scares people

  • I accidently came upon this site had no idea there were people like me my elbows are definitly one of my favorites along with my wrists which can also be very loud. Knees are a good one as well but I can't do that as often. 🙂

  • I sometime crack my elbow by extending my arm out in front of me with my fingers pointing down,and grasping my hand with my other hand before pulling it back and bending my elbow at a 95 degree angle. (This does not always work)

  • This was one of my earliest ones and it freaks people out the most.

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