Crack in my chest and trunk

  • Does anyone else get this pop in your chest? I can crack it my getting in the push up postion lying flat then pushing up quick. I also get one in the lowest part of my ack like right above my b**t, its not a normal back crack it goes BOOM.


    I get a series of cracks in my sacrum (the second one you described). To do do this I do one of two things:
    1. I make my hand into a fist, place it at the base of the spine and then push my lower back forward and my upper back backwards.
    2.I sit on a chair and slide down until the sacrum is hanging over the edge of the chair. I then suddenly relax my spine whilst continuing to slide.
    Of these no. 2 is hands down the best way, as no. 1 will often result in discomfort and pain.

  • Does anyone else get this pop in your chest?

    Yes. I can crack it by doing a reverse butter fly motion stretch. That's a nice one. I've never been able to crack my sacrum. Although, I've never really made an effort to crack it.

  • Do you guys have a cracking neck? I have after I got punched in the back of the neck for no reason by sam

  • Mine will do it if I take a nice deep breath. 😄

  • Sure it does, I do it every day.

  • wait, sacrum is the tailbone?

    when i crack my chest/sternum (the plate in the middle where your ribs meet), i do it sitting upright. i sit up tall, pull my shoulders back and down (trying to get the blades to touch in the back) which in turns opens up the chest.

    i only acquired this ability in the past few months. it's a faint pop and sometimes it can ache after i crack it.

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