• Hey all, new here….
    Do any of you out there notice an improvement (or perhaps the oppostie) in manual dexterity as the result of our mutual habit.
    I am a fencer and a ping-pong player, and a good crackin before i hit the mat really makes me feel smoother, perhaps it's just placebo.

  • i have been cracking various joints for a long time and def have noticed greater dexterity. perhaps it is from all the constant stretching and pulling.

  • My fingers feel more flexible for a few minutes after they pop, but for me, I think I have had a slight loss in finger dexterity since I began popping my fingers.

  • I notice I have remarkable dexterity when consistently popping the fingers. I play multiple sports like baseball, basketball, and football very consistently and type a lot. I stopped cracking for a month or so when I heard the old wives tale that it causes arthritis, and began noticing immediate losses in my dexterity for sports and typing. I also felt more pressure and tendon problems, stiffness, and was constantly having to avoid the habit I'd built up. Since having found out it's not bad via a Yahoo news article I'm happily cracking again and enjoying the increased dexterity. I do notice if I do it too much or sometimes a certain wrong way, it can result in tendon stiffness for the fingers. This is why when I crack I also have another exercise where I put both hands together like a praying motion so the fingertips are together, then push the palms away so the fingers are stretched. I believe this keeps the cracking from causing tendon stiffness. Anyway, I definitely believe cracking provides added dexterity, providing it's not overused.

  • YEah, it's made my fingers more flexible.

  • It has but it made me have a weaker grip. Since stopped cracking though i get it back.

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