Da Most Relieving Crack |3~

  • @Angrypiglet:

    For me it's definitely back cracking. :oops:

    I will start to feel extreme discomfort if I don't crack

    I euhm rarely ever crack my back. I used to do it when I was in grade school/high school on the desk chairs but hardly do anymore. I pulled out 1 of those folding card table chairs and used it the other day to do it. Was e-mazing, only kind of hard to induce for me. Wish I knew an easier way to do it. I lean back arcing my back over the back end of the chair til it cracks, but sometimes its difficult. I used to know people who could like twist or something, and do it but that hasn't worked for me. How do you do it?

  • well, if i dont crack for more than a few minutes, i feel really uncomfortable, kind of like the NEED to crack. if i dont then something bad will happen, and i ALWAYS have to give in. its just too intense to ignore… anyways, my fingers (i just pop them) my back (i sit and twist my back, kind of like looking backwards) and my toes (i just push them down, like fingers)

  • my ankles! i crack them constantly and just recently started in my sleep. i can't stand it!

  • Lower Lumbars and
    These are big joints so they make big cracks.

  • @MasterCracker:

    Lower Lumbars and
    These are big joints so they make big cracks.

    How do you induce cracks on these joints? Sacroiliac joint would be hard I think.

  • I find it sometimes cracks if i am sitting upright in a computer chair, and with my feet planted on the ground, I move my knees outwards.

  • For me the best crack is my jaw, just because it's so rare. It only cracks by accident & is always very loud. For some reason when my jaw cracks I feel soooooo realaxed!

  • The back definitely - especially after some manual labor or a lot of standing

  • yeah back and neck.

  • Has to be my "5 in 1" leg crack.

    I start by attempting to bend my knee the opposite way(I know it's not possible) so that my knee cracks, then I point my foot downwards so that the ankle cracks, back up and the whole of my shin crakcs, then I spin the ankle around and it cracks 1 - 3 times.

  • jesus - 5 in 1??! :lol:

  • Haven't done it in a while, but both hip joints. Laying on floor on back, spread both feet out slightly wider than shoulders. Push down on feet to raise abdomen. Actually I just did it again right now trying to figure out how to explain it.

    But the one that gets me is my right 2nd toe. I have to crack it sometimes or I get anxiety and can't sleep! Jeesh this is a serious mental addiction hehe! But then feels so good after cracking it.

  • Definitely my big toe, when I crack it sideways

    ah yes

  • @IssphitiKOzS:

    Definitely my big toe, when I crack it sideways

    ah yes

    My big toes crack sideways as well, although my right one now will occasionally crack like the other toes.

  • my hip and my knee!! it feels AWESOME!!! just stand on your left foot and put your right foot over your left knee, bend the left knee about 45 degres then use your left hand to slide the right foot up the leg to the left part of the hip. Then press down on your right knee with your right hand. if it has yet to pop then streighten the left foot. then rinse and repeat standing on the right foot.

  • The back, with the standard twisting. Love hearing the train of cracks, feels dam good too.

    Next would be the thumb joint closest to the wrist, the hidden joint.

  • Neck and back… bc out of all my cracking locations those are the only two that I need to do to keep me out of pain.

  • Funny thing with me is that I rarely crack anything for relief from pain. It still feels good though.

  • Well at the moment it is one of the vertebrae in my upper left neck. It is a very specific crack - it must be cracked by pushing the left corner of my chin upwards and to the right simultaneously - I do it with my chin tilted to the right slightly and pushing with the palm of my right hand in a motion that lifts up my elbow as though I was going to crack someone under the jaw with it. There must be a tendon that connects directly from my chin or jaw to that vertebra. When pulled tight in that specific direction, the joint releases - not loudly, more of a click than a crack. That is the most satisfying crack I can consistently achieve. I can, I think, flex that joint to the pint of cracking in other directions, but it just seems that the sensation when it goes off in that specific direction beats them all.

  • for some reason my toes. only when they crack loud. lower back is definitely releiving.

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