How easy is it for you to crack your joints?

  • Toes are pretty easy, neck can be easy depending on the time of day etc.

  • I can easily crack my smaller joints (fingers, toes even knees) The big ones give me problems. I can occasionally crack my neck & back. I love the feeling when my jaw cracks but that only ever happens by accident.

  • Every five minutes, I can crack fingers.
    Every ten minutes, I can crack toes.
    Every twenty minutes, I can crack ankles.
    Every thirty minutes, I can crack back.
    Every thirty minutes, I can crack jaw.
    Every 2 days, I can crack wrists (I LOOOOOOOOVE this feeling)

    These numbers are highly variable.

  • wrists continuously on left hand.
    7 different cracks in left hand continuously for 10 minutes then i must stop cause of the cool feeling i get.
    right hand just 3 times then i have to wait 20 minutes
    this is just the short list of the easiest ones to think of.
    oh i must not forget the very noteworthy feet that produce a popping musical with a simple rub.

  • I'm basically only a back, hip, ankle and neck cracker. I try to avoid any other type of cracking usually because it seems to be forced.
    I like it when I have loud neck cracks and it feels like theres a bolt of electricity going from my spine to the top and center of my head.
    For the most part I'm constantly cracking (more than once a minute on average) except in my sleep.

  • well i'm a neck, knuckles, ankles, toes, back, jaw, wrist, upper thigh crackerr.
    neck, knuckles, toes and wrists vary throughout the day.
    ankles and back a couple times a day
    upper thigh, every morning or night.

    i like those nice hollow cracks. they're so satisfyingg. 😄

  • nice to meet you, if you have any health information you can post it on my thread
    please dont put drinking blood or avoiding wooden stakes, i know those dont work.
    anyway, have a nice day.

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