Which of your toes crack?

  • It is just you don't have a lot of options to do it in the day compared to knuckles where you can crack anytime.

  • I crack them all and usually do it by pushing down. At times, the toes (maybe not the middle ones) can be popped by pushing them against the ground. If I'm lazy, I might pop the toes with the help of the other foot instead of my fingers. The little toes sometimes I pull on to pop.

  • yeah i see what you mean

  • @bod8:

    Let's imagine the right foot.

    Big toe is 1, the next is 2, then 3,4,5.

    Which of yours clicks?

    Unfortunately for me its 1,2,3,4, and 5!!!
    1, my big toe, is the worst, i don't know many other people with this though apart from pompeylad, but i don't think he's posted on this forum for ages :?

    All of them, I can pop them by pulling, pushing them against something, and it often leads to the popping of the bones I can't remember the names of. Oh well… I can also pop my toes by twisting them back and forth.

  • do your big toes crack involuntarily?

  • @bod8:

    do your big toes crack involuntarily?

    Yes, when I walk for long distances mostly (However it does happen just walking around the house) and don't pay attention to my walking I'll put more pressure on my big toes than the rest of my foot. My big toes will then start to feel uncomfortable and either I'll take my feet out and crack them (by pushing them against the ground or my shoes) or it will eventually crack on its own (painfully). Moreover I'll have an involuntary reaction where I'll curl all my toes and they'll all crack, although not in the way I need them to though to relieve the uncomfortable feeling they have.

  • hmm.. i've never had an involuntary reaction where they all curl - sounds painful!

  • After cracking, if i scrunch my toe - not using hands - and release, it has a small crack.

  • I can repeatedly crack my 2nd toe on only my right foot. I used to make the joint pop in and out against the base of random things (chair legs, dressers, etc) so I think this gave way to that toe being able to constantly be cracked. It's pretty strange. Immediately after taking my shoes off I can crack it several times just by flexing the toe. Otherwise, I'll force it to crack with my hands by pulling down on the bigger joint and it pops. It makes me really sleepy and relaxed!

  • With time, all will crack except pinky toes.

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