Bizarre cracking fantasies

  • @Blaze:

    No, i just get nightmares sometimes

    about joint cracking?!
    what happens in them?

  • No lol

    Just nightmares and weird dreams - weird usually - i was saying that because the person earlier said about dream fantasies.

  • @NguyenjaLime:

    I like to find a middle sized wall and just lean backwards into it.

    what part does that crack?

  • Good question.

  • maybe the neck? or lower back?

  • yea… I have the same thing. Where I will want to be in one of those things that stretch the body. but like if it were around the breast area but under the arms and around the waste and it would just pull the back till it all cracked out. ahhh

  • I definitely have fantasies about cracking my ankle while having someone rub and hold it.
    thats my favorite activity

  • I have long thought of having all my crackable joints crack at the exact same time WOW

  • @Blaze:

    No, i just get nightmares sometimes

    I had a very bad nightmare once… I met you.

  • G*d that would be a nightmare! I can just imagine….... 8O

  • @verlaine:

    I have to confess that I have bizarre fantasies about devices and situations that will crack my back, and sometimes I obsess about them. I dream of being in a medieval torture rack or being chained between two cars and pulled apart until my back totally cracks.

    Also, I have also thought about havingt a giant King Kong-sized being grab me with one hand around my shoulders and one hand around my waist and wring me out like a dishtowel.

    Anybody else?

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. As a kid when I watched Addams Family re-runs my favorite part was when Gomez was on the rack. When Lurch would turn the wheel & there would be a loud crack & Gomez would get this relieved look on his face. I once had my older brothers tie my hands to a fence post and tie a rope around my ankles & start pulling to try to get my back to crack like that. Unfortunately our mom saw us & kinda freaked out, so I never did get that satisfying crack.

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