Popping left/ right hips.

  • Hi.
    Does anybody share this same technique?
    Some mornings, I can pop both of my hips. I lie on my back, and force one hip out (further away from me), and pull the other in closer towards me. I can't get them all the time, but when they pop, it feels great.

  • I would love to crack my hips, How do you do it? But you will have to give a "Cracking hips for dummies" answer 🙂

    Thanks Rob

  • You kind of look like you're doing balet.

    Stand with your right foot pointing forward. Lift your left leg behind you and bend it, putting your foot behind your right knee. It helps to put your arms out or hold on to a table. Keeping your right leg on the floor, bend your body straight forward. If you're half the crackhead I am, which Im sure you are you should feel an amazing hip pop. Repeat on the left side.

    Folks I am guessing this only works on women but would love to know if guys try too.

  • I do that too with my hips, you have to get your leg pretty parallel to the floor to get it right, but it does feel wonderful.

  • I can pop both my hips aswell… but i do it kind of differently... i just sit on a chair and lean into whichever side i want to crack... and i get the hugest pop!

  • I can't crack my right hip joint…Sometimes I wander why

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