Help with my joint cracking…just joined

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just joined today after a couple of weeks lurking 😄

    I have various joints which I get cracked by my chiropracter, hip, neck, sternum, back and occaisionally what I can only describe as my 'tailjoint' :oops:

    I can push myself up from a seat with my arms and my left elbow can give out a really loud crack. I can rotate my head and feel a crunching, cracking noise in my head but nothing like an audible crack anyone else would hear.

    I can very rarely crack or pop my left hip after it has eventually popped back out after my treatment over a number of months later. But the popping is nowhere hear as successful as what I think it may be with a bit of 'tuition' 😎

    My hip and neck are the worst areas, I even feel my hip just ready to pop back into place when I get out of a car seat. But it does not eventually manage it and feels like it is on the 'edge', even more painfull that being totally out.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, it was my first and I wanted to give an overview.

    I am sure some handy hints on hips and neck popping techniques would really help me between visits to my chiropractor, he would probably have a fit!.

    But I just need some relief over the terrible pain I usually have to put up with.

    Thanks and great site by the way 😄

  • Anyone? :roll:

    45 views, someone must have some feedback :lol:

  • I don't think there's a question in there. Might be the reason for no feedback.

  • @nevermind:

    I don't think there's a question in there. Might be the reason for no feedback.


    Perhaps my "I am sure some handy hints on hips and neck popping techniques" was not obvious enough :?

    Has anyone got any handy hints on hip and neck popping techniques, please? 😎


  • I don't pop my hips, but when I pop my neck, I tend to tilt my head so that an ear nears my shoulder, then grab the side of my chin and thrust upwards, twisting the neck. It usually pops several times, and works both ways. Be sure not to push too hard though. Hope that helps.

  • when you say hips you mean the acetabulum?
    Ball and socket joint from the femur to the pelvis?

    What I do after hours of on the computer:
    I clasp my feet together by the arches (kinda like a scissor wrestling lock)
    and press out away from my centerline,
    and BOOM fat pops with a little too much pleasure to describe.

  • This s what I do nowadays for the neck

    "Without giving it much thought you put one hand on the back of your head, cup your chin in the palm of the other hand, and twist sharply. Your neck emits popping sounds like a string of firecrackers on Chinese New Year. You twist in the other directions, hearing and feeling another series of cracks. Aaahh … that's better!"


    It's a bit worrying because my neck used to crack easily of its own accord but now needs manual pressure to crack most of the time. This is for the upper neck vertebrae that tense up the most and are the hardest to crack. The lower and sometimes middle part of my neck will at times still crack by itself if left alone long enough.

  • Just move your neck to the side and after a while it will give way. You might need to stretch it a bit first.

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