Long time Cracker 20Years

  • Hello all,
    I have cracked my neck and other parts for the past 20years since I was 8 or so. A bad habbit I learned from my mom.

    Question. I was a healthy boy as far as that goes, now My joints always hurt and my neck seems really bad, I have trouble with light and always feel tired. very stiff in the morning.
    Also if I were to turn upside down I can feel my head leave my body a bit, and have bad blood circulation my head fills with blood like im about to the point of almost passing out.

    Doctors dont seem to know anything. This is normal, not all doctors know everything. but will still say you are fine, because they don't know. I told a doctor once about cracking my neck and he did not understand what that meant.

    Message. I belive there are problems that can come from cracking and grinding ones joints. Its just not a big enough problem for doctors to know about. Joints I have cracked toes, outer foot, ankle grinding, knee forward crack, lower back twist, fingers-fingers are crooked now. elbow a recent addition-picture putting your hands together to crack them, and neck.
    I learned a new neck move. Its pushing your head back and up from your chin, while you fight it with your head.
    I snap my cats necks too. I notie it get stronger the more you do it.

    I did this to myself, I hope I can recover.

    Sure my neck only cracks a few times a day now, but I am always streching it hourly to try to releave pain or irritation.

    hope this helps.
    Let me know your story.

  • I love to crack my joints… I've done it for nine years, since I was only five years old.

  • you snap you cats neck? wow, my cat would scratch me to death if I tried that. Does it really work?

  • im a teen and i click my fingers, ankles, neck and sumtimes knees. i am scraed that i gonna get arthritis and stuff wen i older and your story about the fingers makes me think:

    ive lost my grip and there is no support in my fingers now!

    i cant stop - coz my fingers feel so bad if i do and neck goes really stiff.

    still the cat thing is weird lol

  • oh man that scares me, i'm worried i'll have really bad joints in future…

  • You see - others think this and have effects MC.

  • MC?

  • MasterCracker.

  • thanks - i'm using MC now aswell when i refer to him 🙂
    or could it be a her?

  • It's a he.

  • cool

  • Lol

  • I started cracking around the age of six, my brothers taught me how. I'm 42 now so I've been at it for over 35 years, longer then a most of you have been alive it seems. I've never had any problems related to cracking, although I do know a number of people my age who don't crack but do have joint problems.

  • I've only been cracking for three years now, it gets worse if I don't do regular strength and cardiovascular exercise.

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