Sleep Cracking

  • does anyone else find that they crack their joints in their sleep?

    i wake myself up a lot because the cracking is so loud, because i'm flexing and pushing like a lunatic.

    my brother used to be a cracker, and he used to be the worst sleep-cracker, but he dislocated his pointy finger when he sleep cracked, and since then, has been too scared to crack anymore. so i do it even more, otherwise the Crack G*d will be short in his quota of pops.

  • my wife tells me that i am cracking my joints in my sleep.

  • I don't know if I click in my sleep but I bet it would be really cool. I like it when you wake up and you can click nearly all your joints. I have started the tips of my fingers now but I think elbows are the best as they make the loudest noise

  • I pop my metacarpals in my sleep.

  • I dont move much in my sleep nor am i a person who wakes up easily so my best bet is that i dont hah

  • I wish I didn't.. But in bed I will crack my neck when it stiffens in the night. Its like three or four pops on each side. Its loud and kind of grosses me out.

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