For each finger can do bottom knuckle, middle knuckle, top knuckle to the left and to the right. My top knuckles on each of my index fingers can be popped lightly unlimited times, at least one time per second. My thumb can be popp d at both knuckles and at the joint where my thumb meets my wrist. Can do my wrist by pushing it forward or backward. My kneck cracks in a million places by rotating it at different angles left, right and backwards. My back also cracks in many places. My top ribs just below my shoulder blades crack when I push my chest out and squeeze my shoulder blades together. My spine cracks from the top to the bottom by rotating it and arching it. The back of my hips near where they meet my spine crack on both sides several places by swiveling my hips. My knees and elbows occasionally crack but I don't purposely do it. My jaw sometimes cracks on both sides. Of all the joints that I can crack, my jaw feels like it is not meant to crackedr, so I really need to fight the urge to crack it sometimes. I have felt the center of my chest pop lightly a few times. My ankles each crack, my toes each crack at both knuckle. Finally, I love to crack my foot by folding the outside of my foot under the rest of my foot, as if I am trying to make my small toe knuckle touch my big toe knuckle by bringing them under the other three toes.