Those crazy hips!

  • I haven't seen a post dedicated to cracking hips, so here I go…I do this to each hip, one at a time: 1) start by standing up straight. 2) keeping one leg firmly planted, bow down while raising the other leg behind you (so you look like a see-saw when bowing). Remember to do this swiftly and do not bend the standing knee. 4) Switch legs. If anyone out there is successful, let me know! I "discovered" this on my own a few years ago. Expect a "pop" vs. a "crack".

  • I've never heard of anyone besides my cool, former self popping their hips. I could do it back in high school when I was a runner and stretched out all the time, but I've really lost the knack. As I am in a public place at the moment, I cannot test your newly-discovered method, but as soon as I'm home and in the privacy of my own room, I shall try it out.

    And I salute you in advance.

  • I find the easiest way is to just sit down, lock the ankles one behind the other, and straighten out the knees. Then flex the legs up as hard as possible, potentially popping hips, knees, and… shins?

  • My left hip pops more that my right one. This one was another skateboard related injury. It pops if it comes above 90 degrees to my body and returns. Its more of a clunk than a pop, very low in pitch and quite audible. My right hip pops rarely, but when it does its great. It usually happens when I sit on the floor (indian style).

  • I can pop my hips two ways.

    The first, I think more common, is by crossing my feet, then pushing the crossed feet against each other.

    The second way is harder to describe and cracks a totally different part of my hip. I do it by twisting my upper body against my hip, then bending my upper body downwards a little bit. It twists something out of alignment in my upper thigh, and can be painful, and isn't the most satisfying crack, so I don't do it often.

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