Why do people think cracking is gross?

  • I'm just curious, does anyone have any ideas why joint cracking is generally considered to be disgusting? It can't be the sound alone, because for me most just sound like snapping fingers.

    P.S. Also, which one do you use to gross people out intentionally? I use my thumb. I have to pull it and bend it at a weird angle and then it makes a sickening little pop.

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    Personally, I (obviously) don't consider it gross.

    According to Grossology, the unrequested display of bodily science is grossing people out. :roll:

    Joint cracking reminds them that humans are really just a bunch of bones glued together by liagments and flesh. Of course most do know but they like
    to consider them as higher abstract beings with no constant reminding of their mortal creaky construction frame.

  • Mostly they seem to think we're actually breaking or eroding bone or something ridiculous like that. At least, that's the impression I get. I suppose the more educated of them think it's the ligaments or tendons that are snapping, thread by thread. Very few believe the whole knuckle-fluid-bubble-popping theory (which I staunchly adhere to).

    Ever since my joint-cracking idol in high school viciously cracked his neck, causing me to spend hours (and every one worth it) learning to crack mine too, my favourite gross-out has been cracking my neck with my mouth strategically open so as to make the sound reverberate. However, back in those high school days, when I was a runner and stretched out all the time, I could do that special thing that would nearly gross me out…I'd crack my hip-joints. How have the mighty fallen...

  • Well, everybody will have their own opinions but i guess it is because of the weird and abnormal angles that some of us contort our limbs to get the satisfying crack. Also the sound to them might make them feel squeamish because not many people do it and they are not used to hearing it.

    You have to think about it on the other side:

    What would happen if everyone cracked their joints but some people didn't. Would they be considered different because they didn't crack and would it make the others feel that they are grotesque for not doing this?

  • I guess also that people might have been brought up not to do it. This therefore might influence how they observe things.

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