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    I do have many food allergies (strongest reaction to nuts) which I ignore since the extent of these allergies is way too broad.

    Interestingly, I do not experience any obvious problems when eating the food I shouldn't. No sweating, problems breathing, nausea or anything.

    I suggested to multiple doctors that these ignored allergies might trigger my joint problems. They all laughed. :roll: Is there really no connection possible?

    For a while I have planed to do a new allergy test followed by a diet with a strict protocol. I'd daily update a table with what I ate and how my joints felt on a scale from 1 to 10.

    For many years in my youth I drank milk way above the recommended dose. You'd guess all that calcium would be beneficial for your joints. Well it won't help here. Today I rarely drink pure milk anymore. Either way I never noticed any change in my desire to crack my joints.

  • I think that maybe certain allergies might have a slight effect on jointcracking but the vast majority won't. I mean, if you are allergic to plastic, i don't see how it will make you want to crack your joints more? :?

  • yeah i would've thought that the calcium in milk would help your bones… thinking about it i don't drink much milk :x

  • It does :?

  • actually since i've started drinking more milk, unless i'm mistaken the white spots on my nails have actually gone quite a lot….

  • Ah…yeh, if you have them, you have a lack of calcium.

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    Any time I eat dairy, of any kind, in the afternoon or evening, I regret it. I sit there in bed for hours with the uncontrollable NEED to crack my ankles, feet, and toes. Sometimes advil will help, sometimes not. I don't know why this is a problem, but it's annoying as h**l.

    twid, I also eat a lot of dairy products. Ankles, feet and toes are also the joints which are most susceptible to joint pressure build-up for me.
    I never did the protocol I discussed in the opening of this thread. 😞 Maybe dairy products really do have some influence on this after all. Have you been tested against lactose intolerance? Any food allergies?


    I'm allergic to nuts, but I don't think that has had any bearing on my joint cracking seeing as I've had it all my life, whereas the cracking is only 4 years or so. It would be interesting if we could get a doctor on this site, maybe they could help a little bit.

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