Domain reclaimed from domain scalper

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    I am very sorry for the outage we had since last December, fell victim to domain name scalping.

    Unfortunately, in 2006 I had picked a very unreliable domain registrar who I once extended for 5 and once for 9 years. The registrar reminded me after 5 years to renew but "forgot" to mention to me my 9 year contract was about to expire on 11/23/2020. After this long time, I forgot about it myself and before I could react, a domain scalper snapped up the domain name.

    It took a while to track down the new owner and re-acquire the domain name for an inflated price.

    Even though the ad revenue is not even paying for the server costs, I was willing to pay for my mistakes, I did not want to keep you guys and gals standing in the rain without any goodbyes.

    Obviously, I will make sure this does not happen ever again.

    I am truly sorry.

  • I'm glad to see you're back! Yay! I like reading and participating in this community and was worried you had gone for good.

  • Community Lead


    Thank you, glad my expensive recovery is appreciated! It will take a short while for all the search bots to find us again for listing.

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