cracking the back of my head ?

  • Re: Cracking the Vertebrae at the Base of Your Skull?

    Honestly, this is probably the weirdest thing about my body, and my body is pretty weird.

    Every now and then I'm able to roll my head to the left and pop a certain joint in the vEEERY back of my head at the very top of my spinal column. I googled this to see if it was at all normal or at least if other people could do it too, and turns out, I'm not alone (yay?). I was reading this topic and it helped a lot; not only do I know my spine isn't the only awkward one, I know more techniques to crack the certain joint. I don't know how smart this is in terms of the future when I'm old and wrinkly and my neck is like cemented in one position because of calcification, but yknow, we're just gonna roll with it 🙂 thanks yall, this was so helpful

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