Constant popping in one knuckle

  • Hey all! I'm a newbie here. What an awesome site. A lot of stories here speak to me directly as I've always wondered if folks have similar knuckle popping sensations. I'm wondering if anyone experiences one joint in particular that cracks constantly, more so than the others. My right hand ring finger can crack all the time, within like 5 mins in between pops, while my other fingers usually feel jammed but don't budge for at least 20 mins after the initial pop. The one knuckle that always cracks now looks a little bigger than the others, looks more wrinkly, and the knuckle creases seemed have developed some hard skin. But I don't mind. Just wondering if anyone else has a single joint that they can always count on. My toes are getting much more mailable. Last night I popped each toe simultaneously. Sounded like crackers.

  • Hey, I'm pretty new here too. My one joint that consistently pops is my right thumb. I can pop it multiple times per minute, and I've been able to do that since I was young. Most of my other joints pop as well, but my thumb is the only one that I can pop that often.

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