Chest Cracks Like Crazy

  • I was a karate student some 7 years back and during one of the training sessions, my chest wa[censored] pretty hard by a very big guy, and it hurt like h**l. I wasnt able to jump, laugh, sneeze, cough, run, or do any 'extreme' stuff. After the pain i let my junior brother stand at my back as i was lying face down, and my whole back was cracking. it was like a tsunami of cracks. Since then, my chest cracks like it's no one's business. When i sit up, it pops, when i turn, it pops, when i reach for something up, it pops, when i cough, sneeze, laugh, shout, yeah, you guessed right, it frikin pops...All these pops are loud and people around me hear. And one more thing... whenever i wake up in the morning, it my chest feels 'locked', and it hurts. The only thing i can do is to stretch for my chest to give a lound crack. What is wrong with me? Am in harm or its completely normal

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