Pain and kratom

  • I know that to some people the subject of pain medication is somewhat taboo if not downright scorned at, but recently I began using an over the counter pain remedy, an herbal supplement called kratom. The FDA frowns on it being labeled as a supliment, but in most places it's perfectly legal to purchase and use as you see fit for pain relief and in certain dosages it produces a very opiate-like effect not unsimilar to drugs such as hydrocodone and others. The good news is its not addictive like opiates and it's much cheaper.
    You probably won't find kratom at most grocery stores, but it's usually available in places that sell bongs and so on. It's not really smokable, but can be consumed by mixing with water and just drinking it. It's pretty nasty tasting, but beats pain.
    I've found several online sources where it's much cheaper than what's sold in stores.
    I began taking it because of the problems with opiates, addiction and so on. It's great for pain and if you have ever been through opiate withdraw it stops the withdraw symptoms cold.
    Kratom is a leaf grown and harvested mostly in southeast Asia closely related to the coffee plant.
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  • I have fibromyalgia and suffer from intense widespread pain. It drains your body down. Kratom is an amazing is the only relief I get and it's natural.

  • The fact that it is natural means nothing. Kratom can cause addiction. It is active at opioid receptors

    Morphine occurs in nature!

    Diaceytlmorphine (heroin) is simply a prodrug of morphine. Diacetlymorphine is so close to morphine that it is often referred to as a "semi-synthetic" opioid.

    Another problem with kratom is you don't know how much of the active ingredients you are getting.
    The active ingredients are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are (partial) agonists at the mu- opioid receptor. At least with a prescription drug, one can measure their dose.

    There is no reason to assume that "natural" implies "safer."

    Kratom stops opioid withdrawal because it is substituting as an opioid.

  • @mramell

    The active alkaloids inside play an active role in treating various conditions .. not just pain. Many claim that worsen the addiction recovery process but in reality, those people are not taking it with responsibility. Accurate dosage and mixing it with potentiators + rotating with various strains help you to get rid of serious ailments.

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