Finding new joints to crack or pop..

  • Who gets excited whenever you find a new joint that you can crack and it's one that you can repeat every time? If it's a one shot deal for me I'm not impressed, but when I can repeat it daily I get pretty excited. I don't throw a big party over it or anything like that, but somewhere down deep inside me I privately go YEY!
    A few years ago I found that by pressing outward on the large joint in my big toe it'll pop the joint that connects the big toe foot bone to the rest of my foot.
    I suggest a bone anatomy chart or image with labels so explaining such joints and procedures to others would be easier. Does any such files exist on this site and if not then why? I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in having the never ending, burning desire to proudly show off the oddball joints that I discover that are recrackable.

    So recrackable isn't an actual word, but for the purposes of this site it should be. LOL

  • Ooh! Yes, I definitely get excited when I find a new, repeatable crack. It seems that as I get older, I find a new one every so often. Sometimes when I lay in bed at night, I name and count every joint I can crack.

    I second your idea that a chart would be awesome!

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