Joint cracking Questions/discussions

  • This thread may not last long but i wanted to start this thread out of curiosity. Also to get more info on google then is it "good or bad for you"!
    I have searched on google and have found no info related to my questions besides is it good or bad for you.

    Here are my questions:

    How did you get started cracking knuckles?
    What did it feel like the first time?
    How many times a day do you crack your knuckles?
    Does it feel different cracking after long period compared to first time?
    Have/how did you brake the habit?

    Thanks a bunch for any reply's! I added some of friends questions.

    Please share stories and discuss anything related to joint cracking. also feel free to ask questions of your own.

    I have cracked my knuckles since i was 9 years old. grew up in foster care went to spend night at biological brothers foster home. He woke me up cracking my knuckles for first time(he started cracking my knuckles while i was sleeping.)

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