• Is anyone hyperflexible in any joints? My index finger knuckle is after years of cracking. I can make it meet my palm.

  • hey :), when i click, my fingers can pretty much all touch my palms… but im trying to stop now! (Been non crunching for 3 days and 4 hours!) Also, i can arch my fingers backwards more if i click... but not sure if my hands can just 'do that'. I guess that's part of the attraction of crunching, being and feeling super flexible.

    Take care

    Robyn x

  • Community Lead

    There are already a number of threads on Hypermobile Joints on here. Check the cause Hypermobile Joints / Lax liagments.

    Please post your results on the Hypermobility Syndrome test in the respective thread.

  • Can pull my fingers back at a 90 degree angle.

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