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  • I've been cracking since I was a kid. now I am 30 and a few months ago I noticed when I tried to crack my knuckles that they don't crack as often now if at all. before, maybe every 30 mins I could crack all 10 fingers. now I'm lucky if each one will crack once or twice a day and when they do it's a very weak crack unlike before. has anyone had a similar problem? I'm very sad about this and I would like to get my ability to crack back.

  • I'm the same. I can barely get my knuckles to crack nowadays. Shame.

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    @Locker165 said:

    I'm the same. I can barely get my knuckles to crack nowadays. Shame.

    Interesting, I wonder how this can be explained. Does the desire to crack the joint also pass with the ability to crack it? Or do you still feel the discomfort and are now unable to release it? I assume the ability to crack your knuckles has decreased slowly over time because you also reduced the amount of cracking you did? I can't imagine losing the ability to click a joint as long as you keep up doing it? 😕
    This comes back down to question, can you unlearn cracking a joint or learn a new joint to crack? Or are you either a joint popper or you are not due to genetical dispostion / hypermobility in your joints?

    So either congratulations on successful unlearning are on order, or if you really want to crack your knuckles again, you should be able to relearn it. 😄

  • I'm having an issue with my right index finger where it's suddenly becoming very hard to crack the joint and it's getting painful. And it's much louder than it used to be.

  • No I still want to crack my knuckles. I never said I didn't try. I do try. All the time. The problem is they rarely crack now. I can just bend them back and nothing happens.

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