How do i crack my shoulder?

  • my left shoulder has felt like it's desperately needed to crack for well over a week now and it's so frustrating, it's driving me crazy!

    please share your shoulder cracking techniques.

  • The only shoulder one I know goes like this. Put your hands on your hips, then have someone put their left hand on your shoulder and their right hand on your elbow. The person will push the elbow forward while lightly pulling on your shoulder. Once the start to push your elbow forward, try not to let them and press your elbow against their hand. When you do this you will get a pop from the shoulder aproximatly where their left hand is holding your shoulder. Hopefully that makes sense. Good luck.

  • Joints crack (pop) when the load on them changes that is holding them in place. This is caused by your muscles, usually. The best way is to find the tight muscles that are involved in the shoulder, determine how they are misaligned and/or misshaped, and to massage them back into position while articulating the joint to its fullest range of motion you can do without pain. Proper Massage + full range of movement = release of improper tension, and if sufficient to realign the joint, you get a pop when you flex it and re-articulate the joint.

    When you get that pop, other muscles are now going to need to adjust to handle the new alignment of the joint. Pain is your guide to the problem, release of pain is your guide to the massage, movement, flex technique. You must work down to not forget all the small muscles, because they can be injured if you ignore their cries.

  • I pop my shoulders by raising my arms above the rest of my body and simply push upwards. I don't have to brace against anything or leverage against anything. I suppose it amounts to knowing which muscle groups to relax and which to flex I couldn't begin to explain how I do it, but it works. Actually it was only recently that I realized that I could even pop my shoulders . I'm probably a bit odd, but I get pretty excited whenever I find a new joint that I can pop and am able to repeat over and over.

  • Sometimes I get it this way:
    Starting position: Hold the arm of the shoulder you want to crack straight out. Swivel it across your chest, keeping the arm straight. Grab your upper arm with the other hand.
    Movement: Move your shoulder outwards (aka to the left for the left shoulder and right for right) and back while pulling your arm flat across your chest and slightly rightwards with the other.
    I think this is a good one to recommend to other people because I sometimes rotate my shoulder around or pull the arm in a different direction to get it, so you can follow what's working for your body. I think the essence is that you pull the arm straight out from the shoulder joint in a straight line, and at the same time, bend your arm and shoulder in the same direction around that joint like a V; that creates enough of a gap to release air pressure.

  • I crack my shoulders almost every morning. When I get up, I put both my arms straight up in the air, grabbing the wrist of my left arm and pulling slightly to the right. It usually only takes a second before it pops. Then repeat with the other arm. My shoulders crack very easily.

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