Who's had an injury result FROM cracking?

  • Just curious if anyone's ever gotten carried away with their cracking/popping.

    Many years ago one of my deepest cracks at the time was from my big toe - which I did at least a few time a day. One day I did absolutely nothing differently than normal and I got the biggest crack of my life - so big I screamed out in pain. Turns out I'd dislocated a joint in my toe, I had cracked it so hard. It was crazy because I didn't press or stretch harder than any other time, there was just a really, really deep crack in there. Or something, there was really no way to know exactly what happened. I ended up having to tape my toe for several weeks until it healed, and now it's fine.

    Anyone else have any injuries result from your avid cracking? (We're not talking about having to crack as the result of injuries, as that's been covered in excess on this board).

  • As I mentioned in another post, I crack my ear cartilage, and last night it moved more than usual and made a loud sound. Today it still hurts.

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