Joint Damage?

  • I've been cracking my fingers since around 3rd grade or so (I'm a Sophomore in High School currently). I used to only do the major joints of my hand (large knuckles) by press down on them into the palm of my hand. In 7th grade or so I discovered my pinky on my right hand seems to have a bump when I fully bent it and I don't know what it is. Could this be a result of cracking knuckles?

    I also remember an a***t friend I had who cracked his smaller joints of his hand (the second largest ones) and he used to press down onto his palm for those and he told me that it made one of his fingers (his ring finger) get stuck when he pressed it down. It got stuck so he had to actually use his other hand to pull it straight.

    I have stopped cracking my knuckles by pressing down on them and now I bend my major joints backwards (except my thump and pinky). I never crack my pinky and my thumb rarely and only forwards. I crack my second largest ones sideways. Rarely forward and into the palm.

    Is there anything I should do? Is there anything I could do?

  • I don't think this is what you're asking… but a good way to crack them (for me anyway) is to simply pull your finger out. Instead of pressing down on them I pull them (or have my boyfriend do it.. it's easier somehow... this works for toes as well). Just pull on them and wow... it really feels good and doesn't leave your fingers feeling all out of whack. anyway... i don't know what to do about your existing problem but anyway whew that's all i got to offer ya 🙂

  • bend them back i suppose whilst supporting them by clasping your other hand around them.

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