The P* * * s Joint?

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    Found this on confirming the liagments theory.

    As far back as I can remember, when I get a erection and I press down on the top of my p* * * s slightly I would hear a POP sound. There is no pain just a sound that sounds like someone just cracked a knuckle. Has anyone else experienced this pop?


    Sounds to me like you might have experienced a ligament "pop"!

    If you experience no pain, and your erections haven't been negatively affected, you should be alright!

    Were/are you trying to stretch with a full erection? Be careful when doing this type of stretching. I believe that a ligament popping would be taking the ligament past its normal elasticity range of motion. […]

    Guys on a forum about p* * * s enlargment obviously are kinda expert on p* * * s crackingl. :lol:

    Another thread on this:

    I have a question, today while doing the downward stretch there was a pop sound. I could also feel it. The pop came from the base of my penis, on the top if looking down at it. There wasn't any pain, just scared the h* * l out of me. Is this normal? What was it?


    Two weeks ago while I was doing a downward stretch, my c* * k gave a little; I felt a definite release in my ligaments and heard that cracking sound again. I thought “Uh Oh, I’m F* * * * d Now!”.

    Next day, no ill effects. No pain, no nothing. Just in case, I backed off on the intensity of my PE for a week. […]

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    The experts on has this to say:

    There are no bones in the penis, so it's not possible to break the p* * * s the same way someone would break an arm or a leg.

    However, in rare instances, it is possible to "break" or seriously fracture an erect penis. During an erection, blood flows into the p* * * s through erectile tissue called the corpus cavernosa, which becomes rigid when the blood fills it. If an erect p* * * s is struck very hard, it's possible to fracture this tissue. If a fracture occurs, a man might hear a popping or cracking sound, and will most likely experience excruciating pain and bruising. [..]

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    Elder Young on (Oops did it again) confirmed that some guys use this ability to pop to stand out from the crowd:

    I know I’ve heard callers on Loveline talk about performing a “trick” by popping their cock.

  • It does actually sound like a joint when"it" pops. I dont remember ever getting hit down there during an erection, but I guess its possible. It never hurts when I do it, but I still try to stay away from it. Mostly because when I first started doing it I used it to "calm down" a morning erection that wouldent go away. So now Im afraid of some kind of E.D. If I keep doing it.

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    If this popping sound has a diminishing effect on strong erections (like morning ones usually are) continued repetition might really risk erectile dysfunctions IMHO. It would be wise to stay away from it.

    I don't give much credibility to but there is one article which might actually contain a tiny bit of valid information:

    The "pop" sound told you that there is a damage in your penile suspension ligament, tissues and nerves.
    You have "de-located" your penile shaft from the suspension ligament and scar tissues have been formed there.
    The nervous damage weakens your erection.
    Penile stretching and weightlifting will produce damage in the penile suspension ligament, spongy tissues and nerves. Each penile erectile cylinder is considered as a inflatable chamber containing inter-chained, tiny blood balloons. The penile exercises is to destroy the inter-chained structure, so that the spongy tissues becomes scar tissues like the "bodybuilders' muscles." The more the penile scar tissues you have, the weaker the erection you will get. Of course, you can hang it (full of scar tissues) bigger in the flaccid state, but you get it smaller in the erectile state. The typical hanging p* * * s after a long-term penile exercises or pumping will be looked like the right picture of
    It is like a dead sausage hanging in the crotch.

    Related question on

    A couple of weeks ago his p* * * s began making a 'popping' sound when he made a particularly enthusiastic thrust and afterwards his erection would deminish somewhat. Now it has become difficult for him to acquire and maintain an erection… could you possibly explain this?

    has been honored with this answer:

    Most people do not realize that the p* * * s is just as vulnerable to injury as any other muscle in the body. The more energetic the activity, the higher the risk of injury.

    From what you've described, there has been an injury sustained and your boyfriend should see a medical provider right away. He may be referred to a urologist. The popping sound is usually heard when there is a ligament sprain within the penis, or a "bending" of the p* * * s at the base or middle during energetic lovemaking. Bending can seriously affect erectile function. Sometimes surgery is necessary to correct the damage.

    I assume there are two kinds of popping sounds you can get down there. This liagments dislodging sound above or the popping sound you get when you actually break the erectile tissue called the corpus cavernosa which is commonly refered to as penile fracture associated with excrutiating pain and swelling.

  • Interesting. I, too can do this, and have kinda wondered about it. It feels like it comes from inside the pelvis, really. Doesn't hurt, and I've found 2 ways to do it. One is to press down on the top during an erection as if to bend it in half towards yourself, the other is to just pull down. The first way is easier imo.

  • The main problem with answering this question is that the info. is a bit too vague. I too occasionally feel the sensation of "cracking a knuckle" at the base of my p* * * s during sex. For me it involves the joint formed by the pubic symphysis where the suspensory ligament of the p* * * s attaches. This MAY be what you are feeling too.

  • I have no idea - but….ewwwwhhhhh.

  • I have officially accomplished this , by accident.
    Painless pretty loud pop during intercourse.
    Slid out n didn't make a perfect re-entry, like usual :wink:, and pop
    kind of funny
    wouldn't know how to repeat it
    not really trying to
    but again painless p* * * s popping accomplished.
    I'm on the team.
    Who knew?

  • Congrats.

  • thanks for your support.
    I 've been told this is the 'crown jewel' of your cracking arsenal.
    That was bad, i'll stop

  • @MasterCracker:

    I have officially accomplished this , by accident.
    Painless pretty loud pop during intercourse.
    Slid out n didn't make a perfect re-entry, like usual :wink:, and pop
    kind of funny
    wouldn't know how to repeat it
    not really trying to
    but again painless p* * * s popping accomplished.
    I'm on the team.
    Who knew?

    Wow, did we have to know this MC lol :lol: - a yoga woman, very bendy? :lol:

    I make the jokes around here :wink: :lol:

  • that had nothing to do with it
    just a happy accident

    Did you have to know , i guess not
    BUT this site is about cracking
    and it was a crack
    I'm offering my first person experience to the growing wealth of cracking information offered here

    I see it in your future Blaze
    The FAR distant future, but none the less
    don't hold your breath
    but Now you won't be surprised when it happens

  • Ohhhhhhh low blow :lol:

    I would rather not in the middle :lol:

  • low blow on the p* * * s popping forum
    NO way

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