A different way to crack your upper back/Neck

  • Hello, this is my first post. I have always been a popper and I pop every joint all the time. Anyway a method I have not seen anyone use on here I will try to explain. It requires 2 people.

    The person who wants their neck popped stands and places their hands on the top of their head fingers interlocked. Then they tilt their head and arms down so that their elbows are pointed down.

    The second person then puts their arms around the first person from behind, right above the first persons elbows and locks their fingers together. Then the second person pulls the first persons elbows down and into their chest which in turn pulls the head downward and extends the upper spine and gets amazing feeling pops.

    I know it is hard to explain but I hope this works for other people also.

  • I got it to work! It took a little adjusting because the first time I just overstretched the muscles. The motion should be small, and concentrated on the spine.

  • Pretty awesome huh? Now if I could just figure out how to do it by myself!

  • Yeah, I can do it on my husband, but he can't figure out how to do it on me! He's scared he's going to break me, so all I get is a slow, exaggerated neck and shoulder stretch.

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