• Hi, just found the forums. I've been cracking knuckles since High School, which was quite a while ago, maybe 20 years ish. Mine actually seems to cause me pain. Lately I've been cracking my neck, and when I do, my neck gets more and more sore throughout the day. It's pretty painful.

    However when I don't crack, I feel the extreme pressure that will only go away with a crack. I don't even know I am cracking, most of the time, until after when I feel the pain and discomfort.

    My fingers and toes also are painful and I want to stop cracking them, too. But I don't know how when most of the time I don't even know I'm doing it.

    Does the pressure go away if you don't crack for a long time?


    Yes, although it takes quite a while. When I gave up cracking, it took about 1 month to stop feeling the need. But obviously there must have been something there, or else I wouldn't still be posting on this site! 😄

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