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    It seems like lately the only people posting on this website are bots. 😢
    Back in the day there used to be new posts every day about cracking topics, and bots were moderated, but these days it seems there are no human users left on this site. 😞 I can see a lot of anonymous on here, why not make an account, it only takes a minute! You would be contributing to keeping new posts up, as I'm sure you're all as sick as I am of having to look back at old posts instead of new ones to read! I just don't want to have to keep it going by myself…

  • Community Lead

    Sorry for the mess! 😞

    I deleted a bunch of spam topics. Our movie-loving spam users seem to be drawn to "Off-Topic", at least spam seems mostly contained there. If anyone feels he / she is up to the task to help me moderate this site, please apply via PM. I'd be happy to hear from you!

    I will look into options to better protect this site from spam in the future. Current software is unfortunately outdated, so my current options are very limited other than moderating this site much more strictly.

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