I need your opinion on this procedure I wrote about cracking

  • Cracking Spine from a Sitting Position, another alternative.

    Low Impact
    1 person
    Pops spine, lower back.
    no special materials needed.

    This is as descriptive and methodical as I can possible write this procedure.

    Lets start by popping the left side of the spine.

    Step 1.

    Start with the modified lotus position, where, you sit on the floor, then put both heels (of the foot) as close as possible to your groin area.

    Step 2.

    Raise your right knee, and rotate it such that, your right knee rests on the arch of your left foot. To check if you did this correctly, you should be sitting, and the following parts are touching the floor:

    left knee, left foot, right knee, right foot.

    Step 3.

    While still in the sitting position, lean to your body to the left and let your left hand and left elbow touch the floor. Its important to understand that at this point, there shouldn't be any stress on any part of your body. This means that your left elbow shouldn't be too far from your body that you feel some sort of stress on any part of the muscles on your abdomen, arms or legs.

    To check, the following parts should be touching the floor.

    left hand, left elbow, your a*s (somewhat sitting), left knee, left foot,right knee, right foot.

    Step 4.

    This is the setup for the 'pop.'

    Mind your breathing. From the tip of your left hand imagine a point exactly 1 foot away. Then, very slowly, reach it with your right hand and then touch the floor. At this point, you will feel the stress on your back muscles and spine. Sometimes this position would induce the 'pop.'

    The last objective is to let your left elbow touch the floor.

    At this point, you can feel the twisting stress on your back and lower back. An alternative is to hold on to something rigid, or fixed with your right hand, then pull.

    Be sure not to over exert yourself, which may hurt.

    Step 5.A

    This part is optional and is for those who wants a little more 'oomph' or in our case 'pop.'

    The key is changing the angle of the left arm (hand and elbow.)

    At your current left arm position, try to move your left elbow 6 inches to its left, and your hand, 10 inches to its left. Then, again, with your right hand, touch the floor directly 1 foot away from the tip of the left hand. And let your hips help you move.

  • I didn't get a pop, but it was a nice deep stretch that felt good.

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