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  • Hi all i juz join this forum not long ago but i believe i join for the same reason as u all join this forum,to know more about joint cracking and the harmful effects..i am 15 now but i had been cracking my joint since 8 or 9.It all started when my brother crack my knuckle,at first i dont like it but as time when by i start to 'expand' my cracking to from knuckle to my foot ,back,elbow…right now i dare to say i crack all my joints and knuckle and not just 1 way but a few ways to pop or crack them.But just a few month ago i thought to myself after all the crack and pop what is going to happen to my joints?I started looking at my finger and realise my finger joint and knuckle had grown 'big',i thought to myself maybe its not the cracking and popping that cause it,time when by and i notice that my other joints is begining to become 'bigger' this time i come to a conculusion that cracking make one joint big but after afew research online i find out that its not the joint getting bigger but its your muscle around the joint had tense up to support the stretch ligament after all the crack.When the ligament is stretch it means the joint will become longer and result in lenghtening hte part of your body.Its true this is what happen to me,i crack my neck everytime and realise my neck had lenghten and its ugly,im not trying to scare you all or what but trying to tell you stop cracking your joint if you can cause cracking and popping your joint too much only have bad effect maybe not immediate but it will show when time goes by.Cracking your finger weaken your grip this is the same for other joints also as in the sense it will weaken your joints.Right now i am trying to quit cracking and popping my joints but i know its hard so i take step by step like trying to stop cracking your finger first then so on..Cracking your joints might feel great by its not worth it on the long term condition problem will arise the later part,so with all my words i hope i can sent the message to all the user in this forum to stop cracking your precious joint,this joints are only once and g*d gave them to us not to crack or pop them but to aid us in moving around so for those who think cracking is nothing think twice dont even start it if you thinking of starting to crack your joints.Prevention is better than cure its very true, and if you are already in the cracking business all i can say is try to quit or dont crack your neck,wrist and knee,for what i think these three part is the most crucial to us,i crack them before and it start to hurt badly espciallt the knee never crack them NEvER EVER crack them!!All the word i say its true and i experience them myself so i hope more poeple will be aware of the problem that lies ahead.Thanks for reading!!

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