Jaw Cracking Makes You Beautiful!

  • Hey guys

    Delighted to find this forum today and know I am not alone!

    For the last 3 years I've been playing with jaw cracking. Pretty much only jaw cracking but with a few other pops and cracks along the way.

    I'm doing it because it feels good, but also because my orthodontist extracted 4 of my teeth for braces, and I figure that now I'm releasing all that tension and eventually I may even be able to open up the gaps again and get implants.

    AND… it has dramatically changed my f****l structure!

    Here are some before and after photos (having done no other exercise but jaw cracking during this time)


    My theory is that in general beautiful people have wide faces (eg the wide smiles of Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts).

    So, my goal has been to push my face outwards from the inside and to literally crack it out to its natural shape.

    The technique is:

    1. Place your hands covering the sides of your face, with the base of your hands at your jaw level and the tips of your fingers level with the top of your head. Your fingers will be in front of your ear and your thumbs behind your ear.

    2. Push outwards against your hands from the inside. It will feel like you are pushing outwards against both your upper and lower palates.

    3. Keep pushing out for 5-10 seconds and your mouth will naturally close as the crack gets closer.

    4. When you feel that the crack is ready, make it happen by opening your mouth against the tension

    The cracks come at different point all around the head, neck, face and jaw and are loudest when you push out evenly against both sides and try to induce the crack in the middle, somewhere deep inside your head.

    I've done thousands of these, and no ill effects. In fact I feel brilliant. My whole spine is straightening, and I am gradually getting cracks further down it.

    NeuroCranial Restructuring also uses the cracking concept, but induces it deep inside the head using balloons inflated up the nose.

    There's a video about it here:


    And if you look at their website at www.ncrdoctors.com you will see that it claims to have a wide range of beauty benefits but also to help many different medical conditions.

    So I think we might be on to something with the cracking!

    Would love to know if you can jaw crack the same way I've written above!




    That ncr video looked good, but at the same time terrifying! I'm not sure I'd want a guy shoving a balloon up my nose, no matter how good it was for me. :oops:

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