Neck, wrists, knuckles, ankles, hips…maybe more

  • Hello all,

    I found this forum through some search that had nothing to do with cracking joints. I thought it was really interesting that there was a forum dedicated to this so I decided to check it out. Boy I am glad I did!

    I participate in a sport which has resulted in a lot of accidents. A consequence of those accidents is a lot of joints that crack on their own or on purpose. My neck is almost always an involuntary one and is usually quite loud and slightly uncomfortable. My wrists used to be a little bit of an obsession. I had to make myself stop doing it for quite a while because my wrists were being over stressed and became quite sore. My knuckles are a tiny bit of an obsession but I force myself not to do it as often as I want to. They often really feel like they need to be cracked but I cannot crack them.

    My hips, tail bone, and lower back crack themselves every few weeks and it feels great. I wish I could do those on purpose. My ankles click any time I roll my feet around and I can usually crack them but it doesn't really feel good so I rarely have an urge to do it.

    Thanks about it.


    Hi cracking_up,
    I too play a contact sport (rugby) which has enabled me to crack many more joints than would otherwise be possible. One particular tackle, in which I broke my coxics, has left me able to crack that area just by tensing it and bending backwards slightly. My knees and elbows also crack daily from previous broken bones, and rather than be irritating, this actually helps me release some of the pain I get there and feels fantastic.

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