How do i crack my elbow?

  • How the h**l do i crack my elbow?! IT looks really satisfying! 😄


    To crack my right elbow I put both hands behind my back. I then cup my left hand over the outside of the right hand, with the fingers curling round to the back. Straightening the elbow whilst putting pressure on the wrist usually cracks it nicely. For the other elbow, just repeat on the other side.

  • i crack my elbow by putting my arm fully extended in front of me, palm up (elbow pointing down). i try to straighten my arm as much as possible, actually hyper-extending the elbow joint a little (i.e., opposite the natural bend)

    if it's ready to be cracked, i can feel the air bubble give a little resistance.. i just straighten/extend the elbow a bit more and get some cracks.

    hope that helps!

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