One traveler's experience with joint-cracking

  • Hello all,

    Check out this link for a story that you may find interesting:

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    Hello bubba,
    Thank you very much for the link to this delightful story. :lol:
    Kinda in line with the threat on common joint cracking practice in China.

    I'd very much like to collect stories on this.

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    Traveling to Thailand and going to public toilets could also lead to an interesting experience. "The Dan Sai Kid" went through this:

    The worst ones are those guys that try and click your neck when you are having a pee in a nightclub toilet. I just make a dash for the cubucles and don't worry about washing my hands after!

    According to meadish_sweetbal it is quite common for restaurants there to offer neck massage:

    I love taking new arrivals to restaurants with neck massage and wait to see their f* * * * l expressions the first time they come out of the toilet.

    Very weird indeed. :roll:

  • That story is very weird but as i think - when you start to crack a joint - it will hurt and after a while it starts to become pleasurable.

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