Internet article on neck cracking


    Your thoughts on them saying "Don't Crack your neck" ?

  • i feel like i debated this article on here somewhere's already
    everyone's range of motion is different

    this just talks about the neck
    what about my ankle's popping REAL loud through out the day
    (every day)
    No Sprained ankle from Passing my 'normal' ROM

    check this
    Professor of orthopedics at Penn State
    Un-authored web page of chiropractic groups website


    This is very interesting, as I had tried to give up cracking for new year (and failed miserably), but this article actually shows that jointcracking is not harmful at all. Indeed I believe it to be beneficial and find it helps me relax and wind down. I play a lot of rugby and guitar, and I only feel like I can play at maximum capability if I have cracked all my joints and stretched.

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