• Here is something interesting…

    Went to the chiro yesterday as part of my weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) visit and complained about feeling like a 40 year old (I'm 23). Of course this brought on some laughter because my chiro is soon to be 40. Anyway, upon telling him how much pain I am in he decides to check me out and suggests doing the roller table after my adjustments.

    He said my back is moving pretty good but my neck on the other hand...not so much. He said my neck feels like I've suffered from whiplash! He got very concerned and asked if something happened this past week and my answer was no.

    He got one side really good but the other, no luck whatsoever. And as he was finishing up with my neck stretch...BAM! My whole back starts to spasm. He decided against the roller table.

    I'm trying to figure out if my own neck cracks are causing these whiplash related symptoms and if they are, can you say WOW?! Who gives themself whiplash?!

  • Well maybe you suffered a blow to your back/neck???

  • uhm…no

  • think, any changes in your lifestyle recently?

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