I was making my bed, and feeling good about it…

  • when i felt an urge to pop my neck and the awful clicking feeling.
    i wanted to just STOP, thats what i need, to ground myself and just STOP.

    But if I sat down and stopped, my neck would click, and I would get excess saliva salivating in my mouth, which I usually get when my neck pops unexpectedly.

    So I didn't sit down, and I ended up worrying about loads of stuff which is really annoying. Just walking around worrying.
    So then I didnt phone someone til too late, so I had to do it the nxt day.
    This doesnt seem like much, but to me i think about it every day because if something major happens i want to be able to phone home and tell my parents that "oh, remember when i called you about so and so on monday".
    but instead it was on tuesday, so if i say that they may sub conciously be unhappy i didnt call them earlier, even though it wasnt important.

    this is how messed up i am.

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