How I crack my joints

  • How I crack my joints:

    The hand: First we will start with the hands as that is generally the most cracked area of the body. In the fingers there are three joints (I will call them top middle and bottom because I don’t really care enough to look them up), anyway they are cracked all the same. To crack the top most joint on any finger simply bend the finger at the 2nd joint so that the finger tip sits at the top of the palm (kinda like a bear print) then you take your index finger and thumb and pinch the knuckle (pushing it inward) You can do this for the top most joint and the middle joint. (you can also crack these joints by just pushing them against a wall or a desk or anything hard)
    The next joint is the joint that connects the fingers, this also includes the thumb. To crack these joints you just grab the finger and pull it.

    Wrist: To crack my wrists I do it either one of two ways. The first I put my elbow on the table and move my wrist in a quick circular motion or I rapidly shake my hands up and down.

    Toes: You can crack each toe individually just by pulling on them individually or you can take off your shoes go up on your toes and bring all your weight down on your joints cracking them all at the same time. I usually do a combination of both as sometimes my pinky and big toe don’t always crack.

    Ankle: To crack sit down and stick your foot out like a ballerina (feel your leg get really tight with your toe pointed outward) then move your foot in a circle and/or move your foot slowly up and down while pointing straight out.

    Elbow: To crack the elbow first touch your shoulder with your hand, then with the opposite hand hold your elbow. Then in a quick snapping motion take your hand off your shoulder and extend your elbow all the way outward while pushing upward on your elbow.(it sounds kinda complicated but its really not)

    Spine (waist): To crack this part sit in a chair with a good back and lock your legs with the chairs legs. Then turn all the way around to the left and right and it should crack. You can also lay down in a chair with your a*s on the edge and your neck on the top of the seat then cross your legs and tighten them up then push forward with your legs and you will hear a single crack right above your a*s.

    Spine (upper): To crack the upper part of the spine you really just need to know how to push your chest forward. To do that all you need to do is tense up and push away (generally the spine will make a curve. It really is just arcing your back and pushing down on your shoulders

    Spine (whole): This can be done two ways, the first way is to use another person to lift you with your arms across your chest (I don’t really like doing this) or you can get a really sturdy chair, arc your back and align the back part of the chair with each part of your spine then release all your weight and let gravity do the work. You can also crack the spine by laying all the ground and stretching while arching your back.

    Knees: I can’t crack my knees on command although I have tried a lot. Normally the only way I can do it is to just snap my knee like a kick, but that doesn’t always work.

    Neck: You can vigourously shake your head from left to right (which I don’t really recommend because I have hurt myself doing this) or you can put your palm on your jaw and push real quick and your neck will crack.

    Jaw (possibly ripping cartilage in the ear, I’m not really sure it just kinda happens): The way I do this is to tense up my muscles then just move my jaw around, when it works you know because the area right below your ear/above your jaw feels like it just got pulled apart. It feels soooo good though after awhile.

    Sternum (not entirely sure): To crack this I lay on the ground and push outward on my chest while simoutaneously stretching upward from my hips.

  • Fascinating post JohnJones, I hope you still browse this forum as we can learn a lot from you.

  • Instructions unclear, I slammed my hand into the wall and now it's broke 😞

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