Extreme cracking sesssions

  • i know most people prefer to neck/finger/toe/back poping but i have a bit of a ritual in the morning or when i get bored when i pretty much crack every joint in my body.

    each finger 3 times (each joint once, just push down at the joint closer to the end with the middle finger of your other hand, and down to the one closer to the hand with the index finger of your other hand, and up at the middle of the bone with your thumb).

    the hand (push down on the bone connecting your index finger to your wrist with the index middle and ring finger of the other hand and up on the thumb with the other thumb).

    wrists (by hovering my hand infront of my chest so my thumb is closest to my chest and my pinkey furthest, grabing the wrist with the oposite hand and pulling the side away from me up and the side closer down).

    elbows (stand up straight and hold your fists agenst your shoulder and extend the elbow like your trying to punch somthing next to your waist and relax the arm mid way though allowing it to fall just by momentem and gravity, and it makes the elbow pop).

    shoulder (this ones weird, hold your fist to your shoulder, and your elbow agenst your rib cage, and in one swift motion move your elbow up 90 degres, out 90 degres then move your fist above your other shoulder like your punching somthing on the oposite shoulder and your shoulder goes KRACK!).

    the back (sit down with your back streight up and your hands on your knees and push out with the center of your chest and pull back on your knees so that your knees are under your rib cage and your head is above your waist).

    neck (look straight forward and twist your head in a clock-wise motion then in a counterclock-wise motion).

    knees/hip (this is another hard one, stand on your left foot and put your right foot just above the left knee, grab the right foot with your left hand and bend the left knee about 45 degrees and slide the right foot up your left leg until its at the left side of your hip then push down on the right knee with your right hand making your leg rotate inward and your hip will pop, then do it in reverse).

    the toes (just push down on the next joint in line making your toes bend down, then for your big toe grab it so that your thumb is on the outside of the foot where the toe meets the foot, the middle finger curls around the base of the toe to the bottom, and the index on the inner side of the tip of the toe, kinda where the nail ends, then push the tip of the toe away from the other toes with the index finger and when its as far as it can go push it down with the index and up with the middle making it bend down and pop the 2nd joint).

    the ankle (curl your toes upward, and move the foot in a half circle clock-wise, while moving the toes down at a rate so that when the circle with the foot is complete the toes should be pointed down, then once again in a counterclock-wise circle).

    after you are done with all of the pops you should feel like gumby your so relaxed and flexable. i hope some people found how to do new pops that they didnt before and hopfully more people will post ways to pop other joints in other ways.

  • Great techniques there.

    Too bad some of the lesser popped joints by people (like the hip and shoulder) aren't as easy to do as the fingers and back.

  • ya, but its kinda funny when you get in like a "joint cracking compition" with sombody, and you stand up and pop your hip

    added note: when you pop your hip, if you kick out infront of you and turn your foot 90 degrees so that your toes point up, your knee pops too!!

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